Nov 7, 2011

Remains of the greenhouse in the propagation complex at Whitesbog Village

Click Here to see a Vintage Whitesbog photograph of the greenhouse and Miss Elizabeth White. In this view you are facing the Cranberry Substation and the Triangle Field.

Click Here to see a 1946 interior view of the greenhouse containing flats of blueberry seedlings and to read article about Miss Elizabeth White's work to cross blueberry varieties to find better bushes.

Click Here to visit the 1916 Propagation Shelter probably located behind the Greenhouse.

Blueberry Domestication Tour
The Propagation Complex at Whitesbog consisted of several acres of blueberry propagation beds, two green houses and a heating plant powered by coal. High bush blueberries like the Pioneer selected from the Triangle Field across the street, were mass produced here through cloning. These plants were then sold to farmers who wanted to produce blueberries that were uniform in size, color and taste. Selling blueberry bushes was much more profitable than selling the berries. Thousands of bushes were shipped to the country from nearby Upton Railroad Station. Click Here to see the Station and explore the rails in Pemberton and beyond.

Whitesbog Conservation Nursery
J.J. White Inc. sold acid soil loving plants such as holly, Pine Barren Gentian and Climbing Fern grown in the propagation complex.

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You Tube video of site.

Click Here for Taming the Wild Blueberry Chronology

Click Here for F.V. Coville's 1916 Blueberry Culture

Click Here to read about the Whitesbog Conservation Nursery in the HALS Study.

November 27, 2011