Mar 14, 2012

2012 March -- Remnants of Rome

1910 remnants of the dance hall and home of Gus Donato.

Donato's Sycamore tree still lives at the Village of Rome.

Steps to the barracks, seasonal home to the cranberry pickers from Philadelphia.

Click Here to explore ROME in 1938.

Mar 13, 2012

Circa 1916 Propagation Shelters at Whitesbog

Whitesbog LOST!
Once Elizabeth C. White and Frederick V. Coville selected the best bushes from the thousands grown in the Triangle Field they had to be propagated so a uniform crop of blueberries could be produced. The cloned bushes were grown at Whitesbog as well as sold through the J.J. White Conservation Nursery to growers that would establish fields of domesticated blueberries across America.

1916 Blueberry Culture
F.V. Coville

Click Here to see aerial photograph of Propagation Complex and it's relationship to the Triangle Field.

Click Here for 1936 Whitesbog Conservation Nursery.